“We know it works
because we Use it”

Some people wait for their chance, others take it! At
HBA we have taken our chance, we have developed and
registered a world class range of equine feed supplements.
We could have waited for other scientists to come up with
data, but instead we did our own research.

In Dubai we train under the toughest conditions; A harsh climate with temperatures rising up to 50ºC in the summer, preparing for endurance races over distances up to 160 kilometres at a speed that is fast approaching an average of 30km/h.

HBA founder Hassan bin Ali has been doing this for years and knows as no other what is required to optimise performance in a healthy, natural way. In Dubai we have all the facilities to reach the top in equine research.

Unlike other supplements, HBA has all the scientific back up of clinical trials and laboratory tests with the big plus of working under real life circumstances with hundreds of the world's top athletic horses. For years this has been the way HBA works: Try it, Test it, use it! After blood, urine and energy tests on up to 1000 horses we know the importance of using the right raw materials. We know what works!

The HBA slogan: “We know it works because we use it” has been used for years and still holds today.

Our increasing knowledge and expertise in the field of supplements for Top Sport Horses is an ongoing process and we are excited to keep you informed about the latest developments and test results.

At HBA we know that supplements alone won’t be enough for peak performance, if you have questions about training or feeding you can come to us for advice.

Our team of professionals will help you choose the right supplements taking into consideration your horse’s feed and training so everything will fall into place. In doing so we will help you achieve the best possible performance and reach the goals you have set yourself and your horse.

The HBA Range of equine feed supplements are herbal, vitamin and mineral based supplements, not pharmaceutical, and therefore can be legally fed to one’s horse prior to and during competition.